The primary focus of The Jayant Golyan Foundation has been towards village development in rural Nepal. We help farmers excel in their cultivation and yields by providing them resources, training, and guidance. We also help connect them to clients both local and abroad. The goal is to create self-sustaining villages across Nepal wherein the farmers and other business owners in villages have better yields, better value for their work, and better lives.

The driving force behind Nepal’s economy in the near future will be its youth. The Golyan Group has been addressing a key issue in the country which is its workforce leaving the country in search for better opportunities abroad. We recognize that if the youth are well motivated, they can go on to join the country’s workforce and be responsible for its momentous future. The Foundation is working to create better opportunities in this regard through nation-wide skill training camps and placements that are aligned with the individual’s vision. Our goal is to provide the best opportunities in Nepal not just through our businesses, but by engaging the youth’s aspirations for themselves.



The Foundation also aims to create entrepreneurship amongst the women of Nepal in industries such as sewing, knitting, and weaving. All of the production goes towards sustainable textile manufacturing within Nepal itself. So far, over 100 entrepreneurs have been created in 5 rural villages through the Foundation’s efforts.

The vision of The Jayant Golyan Foundation is to contribute to the growth of Nepal by contributing towards the growth of its core people.


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